summer foraging
Foraging for wild mushrooms.

Hello and welcome to my foraging and wild food universe!

My name is Helena, and I am a 26-year-old forager from Denmark (Northern Europe). I enjoy being in nature while discovering new places and tasting wild food. I enjoy cooking with wild food – indoor and outdoor and developing new recipes. I find it fascinating that the environment around us is a natural pantry, that is waiting for us to be found. I think foraging has become a more important part of my life since the Covid-19 crisis started. It is not possible to do much more than being outside in nature – and I love it! With Nordic Forest Foods, I hope to inspire you to get started foraging and cooking with ingredients straight from nature.

The interest in wild food and nature, in general, comes from my father and my uncle, who are both biologists and have been working with edible mushrooms for more than 30 years. Excursions and holidays in the Nordic countries are therefore a family tradition, where we most often go into the forests and search for wild food. In the evenings, we prepare and eat what we have found. We are mostly searching for wild edible mushrooms, plants, herbs, nuts, and berries.

I have a background as a self-employed content creator, and I have obtained a bachelor’s degree in Leisure Management. Since I was 18 years old I have run my own business, where I create content such as promo-videos and photos. Since the Corona crisis turned everything upside down, I have considered how a self-employed content creator with work abroad and for events around the world, can get through this crisis when all major events have been canceled and trips abroad are very risky.

Therefore, the idea arose to finally live out the dream of developing a website with nature as a niche. On Nordicforestfoods.com you will therefore find wild food recipes, info, blog posts about wild edibles and foraging, tips and tricks, and hopefully, inspire you to start foraging yourself.

I love having a seasonal approach on my site and there will therefore be plenty of inspiration for all seasons. I hope you have learned more about Nordic Forest Foods, and I am looking forward to hearing from you on social media or by sending me a message on the contact page.

Happy foraging!