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Wild mushroom ramen soup is a real luxury ramen! It's packed with umami, especially from the dried wild mushrooms. Ramen is a super delicious Japanese dish, typically topped with a soft-boiled egg and finely chopped vegetables. This ramen soup recipe contains many different mushrooms. I love using different kinds of mushrooms as you get a
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Main Courses
This delicious ground elder quiche is a fantastic way to use those lovely weeds. They can be found everywhere - in gardens, forests, and parks. Ground elder is known for its fresh parsley- and nut-like flavor. When combined with a creamy bechamel sauce and a crispy crust, it creates a harmonious and flavorful dish. It's
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Condiments & Preserves
Lingonberry jam is a popular Scandinavian jam, served in sweet and salty dishes. Typically, lingonberry jam is served with mashed potatoes, meatballs, meat dishes in general, as a spread on bread, or on pancakes. Lingonberries (vaccinium vitas-idaea) are native to northern Europe and North America, and are also known as bearberries, redberries, foxberries, mountain cranberries,
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