Simple, green, sweet, stinging nettle cake. This stinging nettle cake is for everyone who loves cakes and wants to try something new and delicious. The stinging nettle is despised by many, for its stinging reputation. But stinging nettles are so much more than that. Nettles can be used in countless dishes both savoury and sweet.
If you are looking for a tasty recipe for your foraged ground elder leaves, you have come to the right place. This delicious ground elder bun recipe contains lots of ground elder, oatmeal, and all-purpose flour. Ground elder is a delicious plant that can be eaten raw in a salad or briefly cooked. In this
We all know the classic greek yogurt sauce Tzatziki with grated cucumber and garlic. This recipe replaces the garlic with wild garlic leaves and makes it a wild garlic tzatziki instead. Wild Garlic is known to be an early spring wild edible that is one of the most popular plants to forage. Wild Garlic has

Morel Mushroom Quiche with Caramelized Red Onions is a delicate spring recipe. The filling consists of fresh morel mushrooms, thyme, garlic, caramelized red onions, and a mix of eggs, sour cream, and full cream milk. Serve this delicious Morel Mushroom Quiche with a fresh salad for dinner or bring it cold in your packed lunch.

Homemade stinging nettle and feta cheese bread is a tasty way of using foraged nettles. Nettles and feta cheese go so well together and can be compared to eating spinach and feta cheese. Nettles are so healthy and you can pick them for free! – Just remember to wear gloves..